Mersea being island presents unique challenges to settlement which means it is not suitable for large scale devlopment
The combined sites now being put forward would present over 730 new houses - a growth of nearly 20% and over 2,000 permanent residents.




The tidal surge in Jan 2019 caused the island to be cut off for 4 hours and this was on a relatively low tide.  The surge on 4th January 2018 caused 14.5 miles of traffic tail backs and took 1.5 hours to subside cutting the island off for around 3 hours. ​​HOW is this going to work with MORE people on the island AND thousands of new houses at Middlewick ranges?
STOP350 with residents successfully won a planning appeal that would have meant  67 lodges on Cosways Caravan site.  

In addition, locals in East Mersea have been keeping a watch on the caravan parks.  Every day work vans go out in the morning and return in the evening. Despite reporting that people are clearly using the caravan parks as permanent addresses to both the council and the holiday parks - people are still living here all year round.  
We all love what the summer tourists do for the local economy - don't we?  In the summer according to the Chair of Essex County Council, the population of Mersea more than trebles .




The doctors on Mersea do a great job but their premises are limited and despite years of wrangling the move to a bigger site is no further on.  HOWEVER, 
1. the surgery can not afford to buy it & build
2. it will be harder for those who do not have a car to access the surgery not to being in the heart of the village.  
The additional pupil premium is not enough. Colchester senior school provision is inadequate as it is  - where do they all go on to and how do they get there? Bus services have already been cut to Philip Morant.
Where are the affordable, decent sized homes for the people struggling to stay on the island or get on the property ladder?  Stop 350 is NOT opposed to ANY development just dormitory housing.  Everyone would welcome properly affordable homes for local people but not where it is in addition to any other housing approved. 




The roads in Mersea are not able to cope with existing traffic - the bus regularly can't get down Yorrick Road because of parked cars. When the sun shines, day trippers park wherever as soon as the car parks are full causing huge inconvenience to local people.

We are an island community - officialdom does not seem to appreciate this.

​​​​​​The water supply and sewage system on the island is a one pipe system.  We all experience low water pressure already - can you imagine what any new houses will do to it? Anglian Water have said that it can cope but really? Local fisherman & oysterman have already expressed concern about the effect of sewage on the waters around the island.

​​​​The Chinese have been given the go ahead to take over Bradwell.  The latest evacuation plans say that any problems at Bradwell would be treated like a flood with caravaners and holdiay makers being taken off the island first and people who live here being told to ​STAY IN THEIR HOMES.



A lot of time and effort has gone into reintroducing the red squirrel to the island and helping them to thrive. What will be the impact on them and other wildlife.  Muntjacs, Hedgehogs and the variety of birdlife?

Stop 350 contends that any new housing poses a threat to the Coastal Protection Belt as defined by CBC.